Mary-Ann McIntyre

NAME: Mary-Ann “Molly” McIntyre INDUCTED: 2024 POSITION: Builder Molly McIntyre’s enduring legacy as a trailblazing leader in the sport of […]

Roxanne Curtis

NAME: Roxanne Curtis INDUCTED: 2022 TEAM: Whitby POSITION: Builder For more than a quarter of a century, through her leadership, […]

Reg Holinshead

NAME: REG HOLINSHEAD INDUCTED: 2021 TEAM: Arthur POSITION: BUILDER Reg Holinshead has been instrumental in helping give youth an opportunity to […]

Marion Ladouceur

NAME:  Marion Ladouceur INDUCTED: 2020 POSITION:  Builder – Pelham Marion Ladouceur started her journey in lacrosse as an executive member […]

Joanne Stanga

NAME:  Joanne Stanga INDUCTED: 2020 POSITION:  Builder – Orillia Joanne Stanga has been instrumental in developing many aspects of the […]