“Our Country Our Game”

Ontario lacrosse has the most active base in the country, and the highest active participation levels for any organized lacrosse association, by far. Since its inception in 1997, the OLHOF’s mission has been to recognize & celebrate the historical, cultural, and athletic contributions within the Ontario lacrosse community; as well as to provide educational information resources about the game and its rich history. Visit our Hall of Fame & Museum, open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM!


Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Sunday

    9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

  • Drop in anytime or Book a Tour 1 (800) 305-5134
  • About OLHOF

  • The Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame & Museum recognizes and celebrates the great game of Lacrosse, through historical, cultural, and athletic contributions to the sport; celebrating past, and present achievements in Canada’s national sport, across the province.

    Join us to learn more about our OLHOF inductees, and tour the museum; providing you with greater insight into the game, as well as its rich history & cultural impact in Ontario. OLHOF tours are perfect for school trips, team visits, and everyday fun. See you soon!


    • OLHOF Hall of Fame

    • 2023 Inductees

    • The Beers Book

    • History of Lacrosse

    • Shooting Gallery

    • The Claxton Banner

    • The Globe Shield

    • Mohawk Village Display

    • 1908 Olympic Medal

    • Minto Cup Display

    • Mann Cup Display

    • Presidents Cup Display

    • Women's Lacrosse (Early Years)

    • Oshawa Green Gaels (1964-1969)

    • Traditional Stick Making