Bill Fox

NAME: Bill “Foxy” Fox INDUCTED: 2024 POSITION: Official Bill Fox’s lacrosse career is a remarkable tale of dedication, excellence, and […]

Mary-Ann McIntyre

NAME: Mary-Ann “Molly” McIntyre INDUCTED: 2024 POSITION: Builder Molly McIntyre’s enduring legacy as a trailblazing leader in the sport of […]

Frank Lawrence

NAME: Frank Lawrence INDUCTED: 2024 POSITION: Official Frank Lawrence’s commitment to developing referees for both box and field lacrosse is […]

Allen Diabo

NAME: Allen “Arbor” Diabo INDUCTED: 2024 POSITION: Special Contributor Allen “Arbor” Diabo’s lacrosse career spans over three decades and encompasses […]

John Fusco

NAME: John Fusco INDUCTED: 2024 POSITION: Player John Fusco embodied the spirit of the Brooklin Redmen. Starting his lacrosse journey […]

John Tavares

NAME: John “JT” Tavares INDUCTED: 2024 POSITION: Player John Tavares, known for his exceptional goal-scoring abilities and unparalleled lacrosse IQ, […]