Jamie “Bats” Batley


NAME: Jamie “Bats” Batley INDUCTED: 2017 TEAM: Peterborough POSITION: Player – Jamie is known as an exceptional play-maker and goal scorer, which makes for a lethal combination. He has won his share of individual awards and citations, as well as a number of team awards. Jamie was OLA Jr. A League Scoring champion with 55 […]

Paul Day


NAME: Paul Day INDUCTED: 2017 TEAM: Grimsby / Peterborough POSITION: Builder – Paul hails from one of the small-town hotbeds of lacrosse, Peterborough. Like so many others, his summers were spent playing minor box. In 1983 he played Jr. B, followed by 6 years of Junior A; where he was a member of the two […]

Roy “Leroy” Ledoux


NAME: Roy “Leroy” Ledoux INDUCTED: 2017 TEAM: Cornwall POSITION: Builder – Roy has been involved as a Builder for forty-six years to date. He has had a huge impact on lacrosse in Cornwall, Akwesasne, and the greater Eastern Ontario Region. He began playing minor lacrosse in 1965 (in the Cornwall Minor Lacrosse Association) and it […]

Scott “Scotty” McMichael


NAME: Scott “Scotty” McMichael INDUCTED: 2017 TEAM: Brooklin POSITION: Player – The words tough defender, great on transition, and team leader are mentioned often when describing Scott McMichael. -Peter Vipond stated that there is little appreciation for how good Scott was at both ends of the floor. Despite his predominantly defensive role, he averaged close […]

Ken “Monster” Montour


NAME: Ken “Monster” Montour INDUCTED: 2017 TEAM: Oshweken POSITION: Player – Ken began his lacrosse journey like so many – as a young boy playing Minor Box in the OLA. He was a goaltender with his home town Six Nations Club. – Lacrosse was and continues to be his first love. – Ken has been […]

Bert Russell


NAME: Bert Russell INDUCTED: 2017 TEAM: Brampton POSITION: Veteran – Bert was a consistent top scorer – always a top 5 on his team and top 10 in the league, throughout his illustrious career. – In 1955 he was picked up by Long Branch to bolster their team in the quest for the Minto Cup. […]

Cameron (Cam) Bomberry

Cameron (Cam) Bomberry

NAME: Cameron (Cam) Bomberry INDUCTED: 2016 TEAM: Six Nations POSITION: Player – Played his favourite sport with the Six Nations Minor Organization, where he traveled across Ontario and B.C. to compete for Nationals and Provincial Championships. – Played his first three years of Junior A career with the St.Catharines Athletics. – Returned to his home […]

Filomena “Mena” Briscoe

Filomena "Mena" Briscoe

NAME: Filomena “Mena” Briscoe INDUCTED: 2016 TEAM: Brampton / Orangeville POSITION: Builder – Interest in the game was piqued in her home town of Mimico. – Volunteered as Manager for the Brampton Excelsiors where both her boys and spouse played and coached. – Moved to Orangeville in the mid eighties where she served the Northmen […]

Lawrence “Lawrie” Hallman

Lawrence "Lawrie" Hallman

NAME: Lawrence “Lawrie” Hallman INDUCTED: 2016 TEAM: Kitchener-Waterloo POSITION: Builder – Involvement with K.W lacrosse ha spanned over 50 years. First as a player in the minor and junior ranks. – Transitioned to the coaching, managing and executive ranks where he still serves as the Junior A “Braves” team president. – His coaching career started […]

Ken Richardson

Ken Richardson

NAME: Ken Richardson INDUCTED: 2016 TEAM: Brampton POSITION: Veteran – Started playing minor lacrosse in Brampton at the age of 11 and aside from playing in Montreal and Kitchener for two years he has always been an Excelsior in his career. – He clocked 215 games at the Senior “A” level and places seventh in […]

Troyhann Santos

Troyhann Santos

NAME: Troyhann Santos INDUCTED: 2016 TEAM: Whitby POSITION: Player – Has dedicated over 35 years to the game – Has competed at the highest level of competition since 1982 as a twelve year old female playing with the boys in box lacrosse to her retirement after her fourth World Cup representing Canada in Women’s Field […]

Gary Carr

Gary Carr

NAME: Gary Carr INDUCTED: 2015 TEAM: St. Catharines POSITION: Veteran – Defender in Senior OLA League and Pro League from 1950s-1969. – Always played solid, outstanding defense, feared by offensive opponents as one of the hardest checkers of his time. – Bypassed Jr. A went directly from Juvenile to Senior A. – Member of two […]

Bob Clevely

Bob Clevely

NAME: Bob Clevely INDUCTED: 2015 TEAM: Orangeville POSITION: Builder – Played his Minor and Junior “A” career with the Brampton Excelsiors Lacrosse Club. – Joined the Senior Orangeville Northmen where he won numerous team championships and accolades. – Known as a great positional goaltender. – Played with a long list of notable players including Terry […]

Duane “Dewey” Jacobs

Duane "Dewey" Jacobs

NAME: Duane “Dewey” Jacobs INDUCTED: 2015 TEAM: Six Nations POSITION: Player – Awarded the Outstanding Rookie Trophy in the OLA Major Series in 1988. – Was 10th leading scorer in the OLA Major Series in 1989. – Played for the North Shore Indians West Coast Senior “B” League in 1991 and 1992. He was a […]

Clinton “Jan” Magee

Clinton "Jan" Magee

NAME: Clinton “Jan” Magee INDUCTED: 2015 TEAM: Peterborough POSITION: Player – Multi-sport competitor in the Peterborough athletic community. lacrosse was his passion and ultimately was the path he chose. – In Junior he was best known for the velocity of his shot; he is routinely described as having the hardest shot of any Junior or […]

Dan “Teeter” Teat

Dan Teat

NAME: Dan “Teeter” Teat INDUCTED: 2015 TEAM: Brampton POSITION: Player – Played all his Minor, Junior and Senior Lacrosse for the Brampton Excelsiors. His career spanned 34 years and includes numerous personal and team achievements. – In 1988 he was the Junior ” A” Rookie of the Year as well as being the 1993 Major […]

Barry Trood

Barry Trood

NAME: Barry Trood INDUCTED: 2015 TEAM: Caledon / Shelburne POSITION: Builder – Began playing for Chingacousy Minor Lacrosse Association , followed with playing Junior and Senior with the Brampton Excelsiors and the Owen Sound North Stars. – Executive member in the Clarkson/Mississauga Minor Lacrosse Association who then founded and the convened the Mississauga Soft Lacrosse […]

Louis Delisle

Louis Delisle

NAME: Louis Delisle INDUCTED: 2014 TEAM: Kahnawake POSITION: Player / Builder – Star player on both Junior & Senior teams. – Graced the game with dignity, humility & passion. – Coached game with efficiency teaching respect and class. – Noted for his ability to speed out of traffic, produce a breakaway and unleash his patented […]

Ray Mortimer

Ray Mortimer

NAME: Ray Mortimer INDUCTED: 2014 TEAM: Mimico POSITION: Veteran – Began his OLA Senior A career in 1937 in Orillia. – Played in Owen Sound in 1942 and the Army in 1943. – Spent the majority of his goaltending career as a member of the Mimico Mountaineers from 1938 to 1952. – Member of the […]

Ted Howe Jr.

Ted Howe Jr.

NAME: Ted Howe Jr. INDUCTED: 2014 TEAM: St. Catharines POSITION: Builder – Started in 1976 when playing career finished, as a coach and executive member in the minor organization at house league and rep for 20 years. – The minor Field Lacrosse game lured him back as coach and executive member for next 8 years. […]