Steve Dietrich

NAME: Steve Dietrich INDUCTED: 2023 POSITION: Player To win championships it is paramount to have outstanding goaltending, and if you […]

Tracey Kelusky

NAME: Tracey Kelusky INDUCTED: 2023 POSITION: Player Known for being an all-around hard-working skilled player, Tracey Kelusky had a stellar […]

Bob Watson

NAME: Bob Watson INDUCTED: 2023 POSITION: Player Bob “Whipper” Watson was considered one of the very best goalies of his […]

Larry Lloyd

NAME: Larry Lloyd INDUCTED: 2023 POSITION: Veteran Player Playing in an era when players played both ends of the floor, […]

Charter Members


All Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame members from Ontario inducted prior to 1997 are “Charter” members of the OLHOF. Last Name First […]

Scott Evans

NAME: Scott “Evy” Evans INDUCTED: 2022 TEAM: Peterborough POSITION: Player Scott “Evy” Evans was a scoring sensation over a lengthy […]

Walter Goodleaf

NAME: Walter J. Sakaronhia“Butch”Goodleaf INDUCTED: 2022 TEAM: Kahnawake POSITION: Veteran Player Walter J. Sakaronhia “Butch”Goodleaf was an outstanding athlete in […]

Troy Cordingley

NAME: Troy “Dingo” Cordingley INDUCTED: 2022 TEAM: Brampton POSITION: Player Throughout his playing career, Troy “Dingo” Cordingley was known for […]

Roxanne Curtis

NAME: Roxanne Curtis INDUCTED: 2022 TEAM: Whitby POSITION: Builder For more than a quarter of a century, through her leadership, […]

Jennifer Johnson

NAME: Jennifer “JJ” Johnson INDUCTED: 2022 TEAM: Brooklin POSITION: Player A native of Brooklin, Ontario, Jennifer “JJ” Johnson is regarded […]

Reg Holinshead

NAME: REG HOLINSHEAD INDUCTED: 2021 TEAM: Arthur POSITION: BUILDER Reg Holinshead has been instrumental in helping give youth an opportunity to […]

Steve McCullough


NAME: Steve McCullough INDUCTED: 2020 POSITION:  Player – Brampton Steve McCullough played his entire Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA) career with […]

Marion Ladouceur

NAME:  Marion Ladouceur INDUCTED: 2020 POSITION:  Builder – Pelham Marion Ladouceur started her journey in lacrosse as an executive member […]

Joanne Stanga

NAME:  Joanne Stanga INDUCTED: 2020 POSITION:  Builder – Orillia Joanne Stanga has been instrumental in developing many aspects of the […]