Charter Members


All Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame members from Ontario inducted prior to 1997 are “Charter” members of the OLHOF.

Last Name First Name CLA Induction Category CLHOF Link Deceased
Allan Robert 1974 Player-Box Robert “Bobby” Allan
Allen Angus 1966 Player-Field Angus Joseph “Bones”  Allen *
Anthony Bill 1965 Player-Box Bill Anthony *
Anthony Pete 1978 Player-Box Pete Anthony *
Armstrong E. Herbert 1975 Builder E. Herbert   Armstrong *
Arthurs William William “Whoopee”  Arthurs *
Ashbee Don 1974 Player-Box Don  Ashbee *
Bain Frank 1968 Player-Field Frank “Piper”  Bain *
Baker Pat 1980 Player-Box Pat Baker
Barager Boyd 1988 Builder Boyd  Barager *
Barnett Pete 1967 Player-Field Pete Barnett
Barrie Don 1995 Builder Don  Barrie
Barron Charles 1984 Player-Field Charles Barron
Bartlett Dr. Wilbert 1979 Builder Dr. Wilbert W. Bartlett *
Beatty Stewart 1967 Player-Field Stewart “Stew” Beatty *
Benham Harry 1996 Builder Harry Benham
Bionda Jack 1974 Player-Box Jack  Bionda *
Bishop Jim 1969 Builder Jim Bishop *
Blair Edward 1969 Builder Edward Stephan “Ed” Blair *
Brown Blythe 1971 Player-Field Blythe O. Brown *
Budden Douglas 1984 Builder Douglas Ashby “Doug” Budden
Bullen Glen 1984 Player-Field Glen Bullen
Campbell Charles 1975 Player-Box Charles Donald “Donny” Campbell
Caruso Enrico 1987 Builder Enrico Caruso *
Cheevers Joe 1967 Player-Box Joe  Cheevers
Chisholm Colin 1972 Builder Colin James Chisholm *
Clark Alban 1965 Player-Field Alban “Bun” Clark
Coates Sr. Everett 1989 Builder Everett Coates Sr.  *
Coghill Bill 1995 Player-Box Bill Coghill *
Conacher Lionel 1965 Player-Field Lionel “Big Train” Conacher *
Connell Charles 1975 Player-Field Charles Connell
Conradi Fred 1971 Builder Fred K. Conradi *
Coombes Cy 1985 Player-Box Cy Coombes *
Cooney Almer Almer “Brother Damien” Cooney
Coulter Bill 1967 Player-Field Bill Coulter
Coutie Alexander 1979 Player-Field Alexander Edmund “Al” Coutie
Cove Doug 1989 Player-Box Doug Cove
Crawford Ken 1991 Player-Box Ken “Red” Crawford *
Dafoe Dr. W.A. 1965 Builder Dr. W.A. Dafoe
d’Amico Tony 1991 Player-Box Tony  d’Amico
Davidson Charles 1967 Player-Box Charles “Chuck”  Davidson *
Davis Albert 1970 Player-Field Albert Grenville “Dutch” Davis *
Davis Ivan 1968 Builder Ivan “Turk” Davis
Davis John 1984 Player-Box John “Shooter” Davis
Davis Terry 1992 Player-Box Terry Davis
Davis William 1978 Player-Field William “Bill” Davis
DeGray Kelly 1968 Player-Field Kelly DeGray
DeMars William 1986 Builder William George “Bill” DeMars
Dixon Archie 1966 Player-Box Archie Dixon *
Dixon Ken 1976 Player-Box Ken Dixon *
Dobbie Robert 1984 Player-Box Robert “Bob” Dobbie
Dopp E.J. 1965 Builder E.J. “Gene” Dopp *
Dorney Jack 1988 Player-Box Jack Dorney
Downey Ed 1966 Player-Box Ed Downey
Dugan Arnold 1977 Player-Box Arnold “Arnie” Dugan
Ella Gordon 1977 Player-Field Gordon “Pete” Ella *
Engemann Rose 1992 Builder Rose Engemann *
Engemann Joe 1992 Builder Joe Engemann *
Evans E. W. 1979 Builder E. W. “Billy” Evans *
Ewing William 1973 Player-Field William ” Buck” Ewing
Favell Sr. Doug 1966 Player-Box Doug  Favell Sr. *
Felker Neil 1972 Player-Field Neil Felker
Ferguson Larry 1989 Player-Box Larry Ferguson *
Ferri Nick 1986 Player-Box Nick Ferri *
Fitzgerald Jerry 1973 Player-Box Jerry “Fitz” Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald William J. 1965 Player-Field William J. “Bill” Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald William K. 1970 Player-Box William K. Billy’ Fitzgerald
Floyd Ben 1991 Builder Ben  Floyd
Gair Gordon 1969 Player-Box Gordon Gair *
Gair Jack 1979 Player-Box Jack Gair *
Gair Norm 1966 Builder Norm Gair *
Garlow Judy Judy “Punch” Garlow *
Gatecliff Jack 1973 Builder Jack “Gate” Gatecliff *
Gibson Harold 1978 Player-Field Harold “Mooney” Gibson *
Gillespie Doug 1983 Player-Box Doug Gillespie
Gordon Clyde 1983 Player-Field Clyde Gordon
Gore Roy 1974 Player-Field Roy Gore
Goudie Hank 1985 Player-Field Hank Goudie
Hammond Gord 1977 Builder Gord “Pud” Hammond
Harshaw Norman 1965 Player-Field Norman Harshaw
Hatton Frederick 1981 Player-Box Frederick “Fred” Hatton
Heffernan Grant 1994 Player-Box Grant Heffernan
Henderson Wally 1979 Builder Wally Henderson
Higgs Jim 1990 Player-Box Jim Higgs
Hope Sr. Bill 1974 Builder Bill  Hope Sr.
Howe Sr. Ted 1987 Player-Box Ted Howe Sr. *
Isaacs Bill 1965 Player-Box Bill Isaacs *
Jacobs Fred 1967 Builder Fred Jacobs
Johnson Alexander 1976 Player-Field Alexander “Buck” Johnson
Johnston Geordie 1978 Player-Box Geordie Johnston
Kalls George 1965 Player-Field George Kalls
Kazarian Harry 1987 Player-Box Harry Kazarian
Kells Morley 1978 Builder Morley Kells
Kelly M.E.F. 1965 Builder M.E.F. “Mike” Kelly
Kelly Russell 1967 Builder Russell T. Kelly
Kendall Gerald 1969 Player-Field Gerald “Jerry” Kendall *
Lally Joe 1965 Builder Joe Lally *
Landon Edwin 1972 Builder Edwin Roland Landon
Large Albert 1967 Player-Field Albert “Bert” Large *
Lemon Cy 1985 Builder Cy Lemon
Lomore Vincent 1981 Builder Vincent James “Jim” Lomore
Longfellow Edward 1965 Player-Field Edward Longfellow
Lotton Glen 1996 Player-Box Glen “Shooter” Lotton
Lubbock Jack 1977 Builder Jack Lubbock
MacNeil Ron 1992 Player-Box Ron “Groucho” MacNeil
MacPhail Don 1973 Player-Box Don “Scotty” MacPhail
Madgett Carl 1976 Builder Carl Madgett *
Madsen Carl 1965 Player-Box Carl “Gus” Madsen
Marshall David 1967 Player-Field David “Buck” Marshall
Mason John 1982 Player-Box John Elliott “Curly” Mason
Mason Mac 1993 Builder Mac Mason *
Masters George 1980 Player-Box George “Sailor” Masters
McArthur William 1965 Player-Field William “Bill” McArthur
McDermott Ed 1966 Builder Ed McDermott
McDonald Annie 1994 Builder Annie McDonald
McDonald Jack 1965 Builder Jack McDonald
McDonald Thomas 1970 Player-Box Thomas Blain”Red” McDonald
McDonald Wilfred 1971 Player-Box Wilfred “Bucko” McDonald *
McKenzie Merv 1966 Builder Merv McKenzie
McLeod James 1970 Builder James Cameron “Jim” McLeod
McMahon John 1966 Player-Box John “Wandy” McMahon
McNulty Jim 1985 Player-Box Jim  McNulty
McPherson Alexander 1981 Player-Field Alexander McPherson
Millar Daniel 1982 Builder Daniel William “Dan” Millar
Miller Douglas 1973 Builder Douglas “Doug” Miller
Morton Roy 1968 Player-Box Roy “Pug” Morton
Mulliss Charles 1979 Player-Box Charles James “Jim” Mulliss *
Mulliss William 1972 Player-Box William Roy “Bill” Mulliss *
Murphy Jim 1965 Builder Jim Murphy
Murphy Walter 1975 Player-Box Walter Joseph “Jumping Joe” Murphy
Murton Harry 1966 Player-Field Harry S. “Sport” Murton
Naylor Bert 1980 Builder Bert  Naylor
Nelson Robert 1988 Player-Box Robert William “Ham” Nelson
Nickle Lou 1994 Player-Box Lou Nickle
Oliver Robert 1976 Builder Robert “Bob” Oliver
Parnell Paul 1980 Player-Box Paul  Parnell
Peart Max 1970 Builder Max “Porky” Peart
Pickering Harry 1965 Player-Field Harry Pickering
Powers Sr. Eddie 1967 Player-Field Eddie Powers Sr. *
Powless Gaylord 1990 Player-Box Gaylord Powless *
Powless Ross 1969 Player-Box Ross Powless *
Querrie Charles 1965 Player-Field Charles Querrie
Reeve Edward Edward “Ted” Reeve *
Rowan Charles 1966 Builder Charles “Chuck” Rowan *
Russell Dave 1995 Player-Box Dave Porky” Russell *
Savage George George “Duke” Savage *
Scott Tommy 1976 Player-Box Tommy Scott
Scott Willliam Willliam “Stu” Scott *
Sinclair Robert 1983 Builder Robert J. “Bob” Sinclair
Smart Walter 1978 Builder Walter Smart *
Smeltzer Larry 1993 Player-Box Larry Smeltzer
Smith Arnold 1977 Player-Box Arnold “Onions” Smith
Smith Doug 1982 Player-Box Doug “Smitty” Smith
Smith Leonard 1967 Builder Leonard “Len” Smith
Sproule George 1965 Player-Field George Sproule *
Starling Fred 1976 Player-Field Fred “Chissel” Starling
Stimers Rex 1971 Builder Rex Stimers *
Suggate Paul 1993 Player-Box Paul  Suggate
Sullivan Edward 1971 Player-Field Edward Douglas “Ed” Sullivan
Teather Thomas 1977 Player-Box Thomas “Tank” Teather
Thom Gord 1966 Player-Field Gord Thom
Thompson Brian 1996 Player-Box Brian Thompson
Thompson Ivan 1986 Player-Box Ivan Thompson
Thompson George 1971 Player-Box George “Mush” Thompson *
Thorpe Robert 1986 Player-Box Robert “Bob” Thorpe
Urquhart George 1978 Player-Box George Urquhart
Waghorne Jr. Fred 1975 Builder Fred “Wag” Waghorne Jr.
Waghorne Sr. Fred C. 1965 Builder Fred C. Waghorne Sr.
White Eric 1965 Player-Box Eric “Rusty” White
Whittaker Bill 1967 Player-Box Bill Whittaker
Wilkes Bill 1965 Player-Box Bill Wilkes
Wilson Bill 1965 Player-Box Bill Wilson
Wipper Harry 1971 Player-Box Harry R. Wipper
Wootton Lloyd 1965 Player-Box Lloyd “Moon” Wootton *
Worthy Jack 1974 Player-Field Jack Worthy *