Frank Lawrence

NAME: Frank Lawrence
POSITION: Official

Frank Lawrence’s commitment to developing referees for both box and field lacrosse is unparalleled, underscoring his status as a true builder and ambassador for the sport. He has dedicated over three decades to the game of lacrosse and his extensive involvement spans various roles, from on-floor game official to Referee-In-Chief and Supervisor, shaping the standards of officiating not only in Ontario but also at the national and international levels.

Over the years, Lawrence has officiated thousands of box and field lacrosse games, earning a reputation as one of the most reliable and respected referees in the sport. Despite facing adversity and challenges along the way, Lawrence’s resilience and determination have never wavered.

Over his illustrious career Lawrence has been recognized with numerous honours including:
• 1999 Jack Mann Award for dedicated work in the game of lacrosse, both on and off the floor, helping with program development
• 2011 Gerry Ravary Award for dedication to the game of lacrosse
• 2013 CLA Award for Outstanding Support and Contribution to the game of Lacrosse
• 2015 First ever recipient of the Graham Lester Spirit of Lacrosse Award
• 2018 Thomas “Tip” Teather Award given to the individual who has contributed the most to lacrosse
• 2018 President’s Award for service and commitment to the game of Lacrosse in Ontario
• 2022 Induction into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame in the Officials category.

Frank’s unwavering commitment to the game, coupled with his expertise and leadership, have cemented his legacy as a respected figure in the lacrosse community, inspiring countless individuals along the way.

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