Jamie “Bats” Batley


NAME: Jamie “Bats” Batley INDUCTED: 2017 TEAM: Peterborough POSITION: Player – Jamie is known as an exceptional play-maker and goal scorer, which makes for a lethal combination. He has won his share of individual awards and citations, as well as a number of team awards. Jamie was OLA Jr. A League Scoring champion with 55 […]

Paul Day


NAME: Paul Day INDUCTED: 2017 TEAM: Grimsby / Peterborough POSITION: Builder – Paul hails from one of the small-town hotbeds of lacrosse, Peterborough. Like so many others, his summers were spent playing minor box. In 1983 he played Jr. B, followed by 6 years of Junior A; where he was a member of the two […]

Roy “Leroy” Ledoux


NAME: Roy “Leroy” Ledoux INDUCTED: 2017 TEAM: Cornwall POSITION: Builder – Roy has been involved as a Builder for forty-six years to date. He has had a huge impact on lacrosse in Cornwall, Akwesasne, and the greater Eastern Ontario Region. He began playing minor lacrosse in 1965 (in the Cornwall Minor Lacrosse Association) and it […]

Scott “Scotty” McMichael


NAME: Scott “Scotty” McMichael INDUCTED: 2017 TEAM: Brooklin POSITION: Player – The words tough defender, great on transition, and team leader are mentioned often when describing Scott McMichael. -Peter Vipond stated that there is little appreciation for how good Scott was at both ends of the floor. Despite his predominantly defensive role, he averaged close […]

Ken “Monster” Montour


NAME: Ken “Monster” Montour INDUCTED: 2017 TEAM: Oshweken POSITION: Player – Ken began his lacrosse journey like so many – as a young boy playing Minor Box in the OLA. He was a goaltender with his home town Six Nations Club. – Lacrosse was and continues to be his first love. – Ken has been […]

Bert Russell


NAME: Bert Russell INDUCTED: 2017 TEAM: Brampton POSITION: Veteran – Bert was a consistent top scorer – always a top 5 on his team and top 10 in the league, throughout his illustrious career. – In 1955 he was picked up by Long Branch to bolster their team in the quest for the Minto Cup. […]