Scott “Scotty” McMichael


NAME: Scott “Scotty” McMichael
TEAM: Brooklin

– The words tough defender, great on transition, and team leader are mentioned often when describing Scott McMichael.
-Peter Vipond stated that there is little appreciation for how good Scott was at both ends of the floor. Despite his predominantly defensive role, he averaged close to a point a game, throughout Junior and Senior lacrosse.
-After winning a Founders Cup with Scarborough in 1985, he joined the Brooklin Redmen, and was an integral part of the strong Brooklin teams that won Mann cups; in 1988 and 1990.
-Scott was more than a great team player; he was the ultimate teammate, and leader. He was a heart-and-soul player, who was respected by all who wore the Redmen sweater; and he always wore his A with tremendous pride.
-Most people will always remember him for his toughness, being an important part of who he was. Pound-for-pound, he was one of the toughest players in the game, but also a legitimate athlete. With him on those Brooklin teams, every player was six inches taller, and thirty pounds heavier.
-Those that played with him also saw a strong work ethic, and leadership abilities (on and off the floor) that brought out the very best in his teammates.
-Stats alone do not define a great player. Scott was the complete package.

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